Apple AirTag News & Wairco Product Updates

  • Apple AirTag Suspense

    What is an Apple AirTag? AirTags are small tracking tiles with Bluetooth connectivity that can be used to locate, track and find possessions. The...
  • Apple ‘One More Thing’ Event - November 10th 2020

    There has been discussion online about AirTags not being as useful during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. From Wairco’s perspective there’s a greater need than ever to make sure the location of our vulnerable loved ones is trackable.
  • U1 chip - The focus of the tech community. What's our focus?

    Reported by 9to5Mac, “Apple is expected to use the U1 chip to provide the precise location of devices, even offline. AirTags are supposed to be a small tag that you can attach to any object like your backpack or even a car to keep track of it using Apple’s Find My network.”

  • Wairco Weighs In On Apple's 'FIND MY' App And AirTag Technology

    The MacRumours surrounding the release of the Apple Air Tag are increasingly exciting for Wairco so we've decided to discuss the incredible potenti...
  • Press Release: The First Apple AirTag Case to Market

    The AirTag Snap Case for Apple is the first in a line of wearable tech accessories from Wairco. The AirTag Snap Case securely and discreetly attaches Apple AirTags to clothing, pet collars, or bags, so that you can locate your vulnerable loved ones.