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WAIRCO Snap Case is the most unique and versatile AirTag case on the market. We've designed our patent pending accessory to attach securely to clothing and other fabrics. Snap Case also fits firmly around a pet's collar and stays flush instead of dangling in front of your furry friend. We are thrilled that you're hear to have a look at our one-of-a-kind product. Now enjoy free standard shipping when you purchase 2 or more items.

"One of the most unique and best cases for AirTag that features a secure snap closure."


For Kids Clothing & Backpacks

Whether you're at the park, in a shopping mall, or out for an outdoor adventure - Wairco has you covered. With our specially designed AirTag Case, your little one can't easily remove it from their favourite jacket or backpack.

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For The Elderly

For families struggling with a loved one with dementia we understand how difficult it can be. Attach an Apple AirTag to jackets, and other items that constantly go missing. You can also attach it to a shirt or other clothing. The Wairco Snap Case for Apple Airtag, is designed to attach to fabric. The Wairco Snap Case (patent pending) is not just a keychain

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For Pets

The next time your furry friend decides to visit the neighbour's house for treats, you'll catch them in the act. The Wairco Snap Case designed for Apple AirTags is the purrrrfect accessory to attach to a pet collar, or even their fabric rain coat.

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