Wearable Apple AirTag Cases for your peace of mind

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For Kids

Whether you're at the park, in a shopping mall, or out for an outdoor adventure Wairco has you covered. With our specially designed AirTag Snap Case your little one can't easily remove it - giving you more confidence to explore the world together.

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For The Elderly

For families out there struggling with dementia our hearts go out to you. Attach an Apple AirTag inside pants, on socks, or even on the back side of a shirt with an AirTag Snap Case. Your loved one won't even notice, and you'll be alerted the instant they leave the house. 

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For Pets

The next time your furry friend decides to visit the neighbours house for treats you'll catch them in the act. AirTags have provided a waterproof tracker perfect for pets. The AirTag Snap Case is the purrrrfect accessory for keeping tabs on your best friend.

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"One of the most unique and best cases for AirTag that features a secure snap closure."


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