About Wairco

Lyn Bryan is the founder of Wairco. She’s a dedicated mother and a full-time business woman working as the CEO of a digital advertising agency, Major Tom. She has two young boys who play hard and like to explore the world.

Lyn, like many full time working parents, found herself distracted and concerned throughout the work day, thinking about her children's whereabouts and safety. What if something happened to them? Or what if something happened to their nanny and they didn’t know what number to call? 

Lyn bought a Tile tracking device and started sewing it into their clothes, ripping up seams in their backpacks, and taping it into their winter boots. Hiding it was a lot of work — if they found it, they would mess with it. And, of course, it would go missing. She thought to herself "What use is this tracking technology when it’s getting lost?"

Wairco was born from the idea of securing this technology in a way kids couldn’t mess with it. The first product the Snap Case for Apple AirTag, was designed specifically to fit the best and latest in GPS tracking technology.

Wairco have created the first in a line of accessories that will allow the AirTag to be discreetly secured to a child’s clothing and designed to stay there until you remove it. AirTag will come with an abundance of features that will make it ideal for keeping your child safe...but wearability isn’t one of them.

Wairco was founded to provide peace of mind and control for caregivers.

To reach Lyn directly, please email her at lbryan@wairco.com.