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'Notify When Left Behind' - A Game Changer for Apple AirTag | Wairco

If you're a mom, a parent, a pet owner, or even just someone who likes to keep track of their belongings, then you're going to want to hear about the newest innovation in lost item tracking - the Apple AirTag. With its 'Notify When Left Behind' function, the AirTag has the potential to be a real life-saver for busy families and pet owners. Keep reading to learn more!

The AirTag is a device that can be used to keep track of your children, your elderly parent or your pets. Now Apple has made it possible to know when they're ‘out of range’. You'll receive an alert on the FindMy app if someone goes too far away from where they should be. It is, hopefully, just the beginning of needed features that Apple will continue to upgrade on its revolutionary AirTag tracking device. The notification is easy to turn on and will alert you within a few minutes of being away from your device. You also have the option of assigning locations where you won’t receive notifications, such as when you purposely leave an AirTag at home.

The activation of new features is sure to make AirTag an even more attractive option for keeping track of your items. The additional ability to be notified when you leave your item behind is a potential game changer for AirTag. It further enhances the draw of using AirTag to track all that you hold dear. As the technology of tracking continues to evolve, we will continue to innovate and create accessories that will augment your user experience. Wherever you go, you’ll have peace of mind with Wairco.