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AirTag Case for Elderly Loved Ones

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AirTag Case for Elderly Loved Ones

For families struggling with dementia we have designed a solution with your needs in mind. Wairco's Snap Case (patent pending) will allow you to attach an Apple AirTag to pants, socks, shirts, or attach to a purse, wallet, or bag. With our Snap Case for Apple AirTag your loved one won't even notice. Snap Case is an Apple AirTag case adapted to attach to fabric. It's not just a keychain.  


Wairco Snap Case for Elderly

Fabric Attachment

Shirts, pant pockets, or jacket linings are the perfect home for Wairco Snap Case. Enjoy the many options that Wairco offers to caregivers - An AirTag accessory like no other.

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Patent Pending System

Designed so that the AirTag will be difficult to remove without assistance for those suffering with dementia. Attach on fabric. Offering versatility and comfort.


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