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Apple AirTag Release - Tracking People, Pets or Possessions?

Finally! After much speculation, and a long awaited release date, Apple’s AirTag tracking device is here. AirTag promises to be a revolution in item tracking by using the many powerful options already implemented in Apple’s newest devices. Ultra Wide Band technology will allow for far more precision when attempting to find items in close quarters. The ‘Find My’ network can leverage hundreds of millions of Apple devices around the world to act as a ‘crowdsourced monitoring network’ to find your missing item all while keeping an individual’s information both anonymous and protected. The AirTag itself is a small but powerful device that fits into a physical profile not much larger than a bottle cap making it discreet, efficient and highly functional all at once.

Apple was clear, during their April 20th ‘Spring Loaded’ event and  launch of AirTag, that the device was designed to track items, not people or pets. This statement brings me to what will undoubtedly be a question on the minds of many...why NOT people or pets? The AirTag works through a network of over a billion Apple devices making up the  ‘Find My’ network and creating an enormous locating system. To the layman, I’m sure this sounds terrifying but Apple has this gone over this product with a fine-tooth comb and left nothing unchecked when it comes to security. Information being shared through the ‘Find My’ network has the highest level encryption, no location history or data is stored inside the AirTag and even Apple themselves will not know which devices were used to help find your item. This leads us to believe that Apple’s refusal to designate AirTag, for the purposes of finding people or pets, is to steer away from the politics and liability of people tracking. As iMore mentions in a recent article on the topic, “Apple doesn't specifically make it clear whether the reason for its stance is one of technical limitations or simply not wanting to be sued when an AirTag doesn't do its job one day.”  

When used properly and within the realm of it’s functionality, it’s very easy to see how AirTag could be beneficial in the tracking and protection of those who are most vulnerable. 

The market is flooded with accessory manufacturers that have created AirTag cases to attach to keys, or luggage. Wairco took a different approach during product development to create a solution that could attach AirTags to fabrics, such as the inner lining of a jacket or purse. The versatility of our product allows for users to attach the loop much like you would a regular keychain, but we took it a step further to develop a patent pending system that could be directly attached to fabric. In this way the AirTag can be attached to a jacket lining, pair of pants, or to a favourite fabric dog coat or collar should you require additional options when no loop attachment is available. 

Our attachment is designed with children, pets and those with dementia (wandering) in mind, as it is difficult to remove for users within these categories should a caregiver wish to track their kids’ possessions for instance.  Our world seems to spin faster these days and we often struggle with our priorities. Apple has been clear about the purpose of AirTag and purchasers should make decisions that are right for them when deciding how they wish to utilize the technology to track items, possessions, or the most important things they wish to keep track of.

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