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Apple AirTag Tracking Technology

In April 2021, Apple introduced a device shaped like a small disc, the smartest device ever manufactured for tracking. The device allows Apple users to track their lost or stolen items. Furthermore, it can be used as an attachment for children, seniors or pets to determine their location. The device connects easily with your iPhone through Apple’s intuitive Find My app.

You can purchase either a single device or a pack. A single device will cost $29, while a pack of four is $99. Users can engrave their name, pet’s name, and even an image according to their choice. You can also purchase accessories such as Wairco Snap Case (patent pending), the only AirTag case that attaches to clothing. Keep in mind that these accessories are separate from Apple AirTag tracking technology.

Apple AirTag tracking technology contains ultra-wide technology that uses Apple’s existing network to track devices. You can utilize the AirTag device to determine the location of your pet or missing items. Want to learn more about this tracking device? Let’s begin:

What's an AirTag?

The AirTag works like a title tag and you can also engrave the name on the device. Also, you can place this tracker in a Wairco Snap Case, separate keychain, or directly slip it into your wallet. The tracker syncs with iPhone’s Find My app.

The AirTag is a stainless steel disc with a lightweight and small body. On one side, you will find the Apple logo. However, on the other side, you can engrave your name. You can also personalize that section with your or your pet’s picture. This device has a cover that you can remove to spot the CR2032 battery. This makes it easier to replace the batteries. One of the most impressive things about this device is that it is dust and water-resistant.

Setting Up Your Apple AirTag

The activation process is quite simple. First, you need to take out the device from the box. Pull out the tag on the AirTag. When you will hold the tag near your mobile, the device will detect the tracker. Once the tracking device connects with the phone, you can choose a name. The device will then register with the Apple ID.

How AirTags Works?

Once you integrate the tracking device with the phone, you can track the location. Your device’s location will list on the Find My app. You can check the last known location of all the devices attached to your Apple ID. There is a built-in speaker in the device that allows you to send signals from your phone. If your tracking tag is in the Bluetooth range of the mobile, you can send a signal from the Find My app. When the tag will play a sound once it receives the signal. You can also use the iOS assistant to find the location of the lost item. AirTags also have Siri support.

The tracking tag and the Find My app use Ultra-Wideband technology from Apple’s U1 chip. This chip helps with Precision Finding, which is a feature that requires a gyroscope, accelerometer, ARKit, and camera input to display exact location. What’s more, these tools also offer visual, haptic, and sound feedback.

Features of Apple AirTag Tracking Technology

Here are some major features of Apple AirTag tracking technology:

1.      Precision Finding

The latest iPhone models such as iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12 come with U1chips that use Precision Finding for specific instructions about lost AirTag. Precision finding uses sound, AR, and haptic feedback to track missing devices.

2.      Returning a Lost AirTag

When you find a lost AirTag, you can scan it with your Smartphone for details. This feature comes in quite handy when you lose the device and someone else picks it up. They can scan the device and get your contact information. Even Android users can receive contact information, so if you find a device, you can scan it and locate the owner. However, if the AirTag is in Lost Mode, this means that owner is on their way to finding the device through the Find My Network tool.

3.      Separation Alerts

Apple phones on iOS 15 have an additional Separation Alerts feature that helps users locate their Apple devices. For instance, if you enabled the Separation Alerts feature in the app, you will be notified whenever you leave your home. Also, if you have attached AirTags with your keys and you forget them in the house, your phone will immediately notify you, ensuring you never forget your keys.

What Accessories You Can Use With Apple AirTag?

AirTag is a round and small device that doesn’t connect itself to anything until you have the right gadget. For instance, Wairco manufactures wearable covers for Apple AirTag tracking technology. You can use this cover for kids, pets, and the elderly. You need to purchase the accessory for the Apple AirTag separately.

Wairco Snap Case - Apple AirTag Clothing/Fabric and Pet Attachment

A Wairco Snap Case (patent pending) holds the tracking device, making your life easier. Simply snap the Wairco Snap Case on whomever or whatever you’d like to find their location. You can also attach this device to your dog or cat’s collar. This is the only AirTag case that attaches to clothing.


Apple AirTag tracking technology enables you to locate your child, pet, and anyone or thing you attach them to. However, attaching AirTag to fabric and other objects requires accessories. Wairco Snap Case (patent pending) is an accessory for Apple AirTag that covers the device and lets you easily attach it to a child or senior’s clothing or even to a pet’s collar. Want to know more about Wairco Snap Case? Check out this innovative AirTag accessory here.