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AirTag Case For Kids

Attach AirTag Securely To Your Child's Clothing

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Wairco Snap Case - AirTag Case for Kids

Whether you're at the park, in a shopping mall or theme park, or putting your child on the school bus, Wairco has you covered. Your little one can't easily remove an Apple AirTag with our Snap Case (patent pending) for Apple AirTag. The case secures to clothing fabric, or backpack lining - giving you more confidence as they explore the world. It can be installed with the Apple AirTag on the outside, or inside of the fabric. Pulling on the loop only secures the Snap Case more.

You can also use our loop to secure to a keychain, or to any other item with a loop such as a purse or belt loop. The versatility of the Wairco AirTag case is beyond just that of a regular keychain.


Wairco Snap Case for Kids

Patent Pending System

Designed so that kids can't easily remove the AirTag without adult assistance. Attach on fabric or loop to backpacks. Offering versatility for those wandering items that otherwise end up in lost and found.

clothing and fabric attachable airtag case for kids
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Fabric Attachment

T shirts, pant pockets, or jacket linings are the perfect home for Wairco Snap Case. Enjoy the many options that Wairco offers to parents and caregivers - An AirTag accessory like no other.


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