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AirTag Cases For Kids

Attach Apple AirTag Securely To Your Child's Clothing or Belongings

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Wairco - AirTag Cases for Kids

Whether you're at the park, in a shopping mall, a theme park, or putting your child on the school bus, Wairco has you covered. It's not always easy to let your little ones out into the world but we have created the best AirTag accessories for keeping your loved ones tracked and safe. Our AirTag cases secure discreetly to clothing/fabric (Pop Case) or, if using Snap Case, loop around backpack straps and keychains. Our AirTag cases are virtually tamper proof and not easy for little fingers to remove so you can have confidence as your kids explore the world.

Wairco - AirTag Cases for Clothing/Fabrics

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Both Pop Case and Snap Case are designed so that the AirTag will be
difficult to remove without assistance when attached discreetly to clothing/fabric.

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