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Wairco & AirTag: The little accessory looking after our little ones

Picture this: It’s a Saturday afternoon, you’re at the mall with your child. The place is packed with hordes of busy shoppers darting in and out of stores, and the previously simple task of buying yourself a new top has become chaotic. You’re doing your best to navigate through the crowd as your little one slips in and out of view, until…wait…you’ve completely lost sight of them! 

If you’re a parent or guardian you have experienced this at one stage or another. It happens to us all and, thankfully, more times than not, the child is found safe and sound. Nevertheless, the residual panic and fear lingers and the lack of control hovers over you like a dark cloud. There has never been an easy way to solve this parenting issue. Deeds will always need to be done and children will always be in tow. 

These concerns about our own children have led us to seek out a solution. The direction we took was towards todays growing, practical technology and how we could take advantage of it to reduce the anxiety around our child’s whereabouts. After exhausting several avenues that bore problems such as reliability and cost, we became aware of the impending release of the AirTag by Apple.

This technology will allow users to track items that AirTags are attached to and locate the items with more accuracy. They will operate with seamless integration into the existing Apple app known as ‘FindMy’, which has already become synonymous with helping people retrieve their lost iPhones from various usual and unusual places.

With all of these aspects in mind, we have created an accessory that will allow the AirTag to be discreetly secured to a child’s clothing and designed to stay there until you remove it. AirTag will come with an abundance of features that will make it ideal for keeping your child safe...but wearability isn’t one of them. That’s why we decided to make this a wearable product. We all detest losing our important items...but as parents, our most important ‘items’ are, in fact, our children.