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Press Release: The First Apple AirTag Case to Market

Tracking technology, such as Apple AirTags, is so advanced now that you can track anything you can attach it to — even people.

(PRWEB) October 8, 2020

Warico, a brand that creates wearable tech accessories, has created an AirTag Case that you can attach to your loved ones.

The AirTag Snap Case for Apple is the first in a line of wearable tech accessories from Wairco. The AirTag Snap Case securely and discreetly attaches Apple AirTags to clothing, pet collars, or bags, so that you can locate your vulnerable loved ones.

Wairco are accepting orders now for a limited first edition run that will be shipping est. December 1, 2020 for this coming holiday season.

The story behind Wairco

Parents want to keep their kids within reach — even when they can’t see them.

Lyn Bryan is a CEO at a busy, Vancouver-based agency with two wild boys at home. They play hard at the park, at home, and on the way to school. At work, she couldn’t stop thinking, what if something happened to them? Or what if something happened when she wasn’t with them and they didn’t know what number to call? Or what if she sent out an Amber Alert while they were just hiding under their bed?

460,000 children go missing in the US every year

So, she bought a Tile Sticker and started sewing it into their clothes, ripping up seams in their backpacks, and taping it into their winter boots. Hiding it was a lot of work — if they found it, they would mess with it. And, of course, it would go missing. What use is tracking technology when it’s lost? The Tile network also failed to provide the real time data she required to locate her children.

Child-proof, Wearable Tech

Wairco was born from the need to secure this technology in a way that kids couldn’t mess with it. Designed in tandem with Apple AirTag’s launch, the Apple AirTag Snap Case specifically fits the best and latest in tracking technology. It’s discreet, wearable tech that attaches securely to clothing. It’s not specific to children either; the AirTag Snap Case can attach to your elderly loved one who wanders off. Your pets’ collar, your golf clubs, your car keys: whatever you care about. Wairco is for peace of mind - wherever they go.

About Wairco

Wairco is a third-party accessory brand that has created the first ever AirTag product. Currently, Wairco is specializing in clothing attachment technology with the AirTag Snap Case for Apple. Now, you can securely and discreetly attach tracking technology to your loved ones for peace of mind.

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