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Pets are a cherished part of our family : AirTag for Pets

Pets are a cherished part of our family. They’re like kids who never grow up. So, like any member of the family, we want to protect and keep them safe. Advances in veterinary medicine mean we can keep them healthy in ways we couldn’t before, but those advances can’t protect them from getting lost. 

Anyone who lives with a pet is all too familiar with the second-hand-heartache that comes from seeing a poster for someone’s missing animal. Yes, we can put microchips in their ears and identification tags on their collars, but the efficacy of these methods depends on someone finding our pet. If someone does, they can call the number on the tag or take them to the local animal shelter where, if microchipped, they’ll likely have information about your furry friend. 

For these and other reasons, some argue that we should keep cats indoors at all times but this isn’t feasible for everyone. Even those who do so may accidentally leave a window open one day. What then?

Dogs are often supposed to be on the end of leashes but whether it’s a city park off-leash area, or an open field in the country side, dogs love the freedom to run around and explore without being restrained by their owner. For the most part, they’ll return when we call but even the most obedient of dogs love to periodically bolt from their owner in pursuit of a squirrel or other critter. They’re never going to catch one, but they sure enjoy the chase. 

So, as any pet owner knows, cats and dogs can and do get lost, and when they do, it’s gut-wrenching. Nothing except their safe return makes it better. But what if you could know where your pet was at all times? Think of the peace of mind that would bring. Knowing that wherever your pet may be, you’d be able to find them.

As pet owners, we’ve had all of these thoughts, and it has led us to new and exciting technology soon to be offered by Apple in the form of their new tracking device known as AirTag. With AirTag, your pet will be under constant observation without you having to constantly be the observer. Apple’s new technology will allow users to track items with more accuracy than ever before. Our intention is to take this tech and make it pet wearable in the form of the AirTag PetTag, a case for the AirTag that secures to your pets existing collar. Bringing peace of mind to pet owners is our goal. You’ll never have to face the uncertainty of loss again because, in or out, you’ll always know where your four-legged friend is.