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Attach AirTag to Fabric - Wairco Snap Case features resonate with tech bloggers

Since Wairco launched pre-orders for our first and highly anticipated product, Wairco Snap Case, we have been connecting with parents, caregivers, pet lovers and tech enthusiasts.  With the announcement of Apple AirTags on April 20th we have seen an incredibly positive response to our product are are delighted to share some of our favourite reviews with you.

iGeeksBlog listed Wairco Snap Case for ‘best design’. This is a particularly special call out as they really dug into our features and that features of other competing AirTag Cases.

Here’s one of the most unique and best cases for AirTag that features a secure snap closure. This means that your tracker can be attached to clothes, which is incredibly useful to keep children and the elderly safe.”

The unique features of our AirTag Case resonated with TheGadgetFlow: “Always know where your favourite sweater—or child—is when you have the Wairco Snap Case for Apple AirTag. This lovely case makes it easier to attach AirTags to fabrics. In fact, it’s designed with safety in mind, so kids can take it off only with an adult’s help. It’s perfect for tech lovers and families alike, which is why it made our list of the best Apple AirTag accessories you can buy.”

The true product differentiator for Wairco Snap Case is the ability to attach easily to fabrics. We can’t wait deliver pre-orders to our customers and hear their stories of how this feature offers more options and versatility to truly maximize the long awaited and popular AirTag.

Thank you to the community - we can’t wait to hear more!