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Apple ‘One More Thing’ Event - November 10th 2020

We’re hopeful for a release of AirTags on Nov 10th, at the Apple ‘One More Thing’ event. Jon Prosser still feels strongly that we’ll see AirTags launch.

There has been discussion online about AirTags not being as useful during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. From Wairco’s perspective there’s a greater need than ever to make sure the location of our vulnerable loved ones is trackable.

The rumours state that the pandemic caused production delays for Apple AirTags, but also created a situation where many of Apple's potential customers were stuck at home, with little requirement to track the location of their items. 

More than ever we need to stay diligent and conscious with social distancing and the wearing of masks to protect community health. For the elderly suffering from dementia the ability to regulate interactions, and make decisions to stay within safe environments is vital. Especially as this group are even more at risk due to underlying conditions and their ability to fight infection.

Unfortunately many vulnerable elderly people live alone, and during early stages of dementia they may lose the ability to make decisions to protect their well being. AirTags, paired with the Wairco Snap Case, could offer family members additional security in not only alerting loved ones when an elderly person leaves their home, but also a view of where they are going, so that decisions can be made to better support their needs during a time where limited personal contact is advisable.

The application could be taken one step further, so that care homes could potentially track and understand who and how many residents have come into contact with each other. The functionality of AirTags will be farther explored upon launch - We are certainly excited to uncover many more use cases to protect the ones we love.