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Apple AirTag - The essential accessory for every first date

There’s nothing like the flurry of excitement before a first date. From choosing the time and place, to picking out an outfit, there is a lot to be considered.  The explosion of apps like Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and Plenty of Fish in recent years, means online dating has become one of the most popular ways for couples to meet. Algorithms have now replaced friends and family as matchmakers, but with this one consideration has become increasingly important; safety. 

While many first dates can be the catalyst to exciting flings, loving relationships and even marriage, unfortunately there’s always a chance that things can take a turn for the worst. There are precautions we are taught to take to limit these chances, such as meeting in a safe environment, never leaving a drink unattended and always keeping loved ones in the loop.

Sharing your location with a friend or family member through your phone while on a first date or a night out has become common practice for many. However, if you’ve ever been the one keeping tabs on a friend’s location through their phone, you’ll be familiar with the associated anxiety when their location can’t be updated. While this is more often than not down to something simple, like a dip in internet connection or running out of battery, it could possibly be more sinister. 

As phones have become an extension of our being, we presume we will have them with us at all times. However, if, god forbid, things take a turn for the worst on a date, there is a chance that your phone could be turned off or separated from you completely, leaving your loved ones in the dark about your whereabouts. 

With this unsettling reality in mind, the team at Wairco developed an accessory for a more reliable solution to location sharing, the soon-to-be-released Apple AirTag. The AirTag technology will operate with seamless integration into the existing Apple App known has ‘FindMy’ and will allow users to track the location of their items. 

However, here at Wairco we wanted to make wearability as a feature of the AirTag. Our snap case can be discreetly and securely attached to clothing, ensuring your loved ones know exactly where you are and giving them peace of mind while you navigate through the world of online dating.