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Apple AirTag Suspense

What is an Apple AirTag?

AirTags are small tracking tiles with Bluetooth connectivity that can be used to locate, track and find possessions. There are several similar products on the market, such as Adero and Tile. Apple's version, AirTag, will be integrated with Apple devices and utilize the Find My app.

Wairco develops cases to attach AirTags to people, pets and possessions. 

The Wairco Snap Case includes a clip and the manufacturer suggests that it can be attached to clothing, though, it seems it could work with anything of a similar thickness.” - Thank you to ScreenRant for the the shout out!

We are delighted to see such versatility of thought surrounding our product.

Indeed, there is no reason the AirTag Snap Case couldn’t be attach to the inner lining of a purse or even a golf bag.

Wairco will remain committed to our primary objective, that being to release products that bring peace of mind. We would love to hear your thoughts and welcome your ideas about products that could add incremental value to your life.

We can’t wait to share more inventions with the world, and like all of you, remain eager and excited for the AirTag release from Apple in the months to come!