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AirTag – Are We Missing The Point?

The release of Apple’s AirTag device has brought us into an era of tracking ability that the world hasn’t yet experienced - at least not on a personal level. This little gadget connects seamlessly to Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod etc.) and delivers tracking accuracy never before seen by way of its Ultra-Wideband technology or UWB. But its biggest attribute is the full time use of Apple’s ‘Find My’ software and its global network of over a billion devices, all of which rebound and circulate information to each other without the device owner, or even Apple themselves, knowing which devices are being used or what information is being propagated. 

The release of AirTag was a long time in the making and gave Apple plenty of opportunity to diminish any problems with the device itself. It comes with an abundance of features to protect its users from security and privacy threats. However, it seems that Apple weren’t quite sure of how or when to implement some of these features. For example, an individual will be notified if an ‘unknown’ AirTag is found in their vicinity - obviously to combat any efforts towards tracking someone who doesn’t want to be tracked – an unfortunate side effect is potentially alerting a thief that they have absconded with an unidentified AirTag as well as your pillaged items. Along with other notable omissions (no family sharing ability thus far), odds are these are issues that Apple will be looking to iron out in future AirTag versions or with software updates. 

We’re all familiar with Apple’s logo, their advertising platform and their identity as a brand. If one thing is clear it’s that Apple likes to be seen. But this is new territory for Apple because, as cute and sleek as the AirTag is, it’s not really meant to be flashed around. With a plethora of accessories out there to hold and display your adorable new device one can’t help but wonder if we’re missing the point. Shouldn’t our use of a tracking device be discreet if not completely concealed? Wouldn’t it seem that anything worth attaching an AirTag to is something you don’t want to draw attention to? 

From the earliest evidence of AirTag’s impending release, we began designing a case that would allow for as many uses as possible while still allowing the AirTag full functionality. Our priority in design has always been to provide an accessory that can be securely fastened to multiple items from a t-shirt, the inside of a pants pocket or even the lining of a purse, backpack or jacket. We knew that this approach would allow for an AirTag to remain hidden but still meet every expectation of its intended purpose…to be tracked and not seen.