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Wairco Weighs In On Apple's 'FIND MY' App And AirTag Technology

The MacRumours surrounding the release of the Apple Air Tag are increasingly exciting for Wairco so we've decided to discuss the incredible potential of this Apple technology and how it will benefit people of all descriptions. One of the issues closest to our hearts is the problem surrounding the tendency of dementia patients to wander. The fear experienced by both patient and caregiver is something that we at Wairco want to eliminate. We have experienced the reality of caring for our wandering, elderly friends and family who are being affected by this terrible disease. Our goal is to add peace of mind to this experience.

The vulnerability exhibited by patients with dementia is difficult to both accept and then deal with. A formerly virile and lucid loved one may now be completely dependent on the kindness and watchful eye of a dear family member or friend. The changes can come on suddenly and force the caregiver to change their lifestyle and adapt to the these new circumstances. Over and above the obvious changes in people with dementia is the fear that they may wander away from their home or safe place. In fact, according to the Alzheimer's Association, 6 in 10 people living with dementia will wander. This does more than affect the patient, it can put the caregiver in a perpetual state of anxiety and deeply affect their quality of life of as well. It is in this area that Wairco has been inspired to make a difference.

It is rumoured that within the Find My app, from Apple, users will be able to create ‘Safe Locations’ and apply them to Apple's new accessory device, the AirTag. Wairco has designed a simple, tamper free case that will hold the AirTag and discretely secure it to various types and thicknesses of clothing. The AirTag Snap Case will allow you to attach Apple's state of the art technology to the clothing of your wandering dependent. While wearing an AirTag attached with the AirTag Snap Case, the owner of the AirTag will get a notification as soon as their loved one leaves the safe zone. Apple's technology is giving us the ability to decrease the anxiety that comes with constantly being aware of your loved ones whereabouts. Wairco's AirTag Snap Case is giving us a way to apply that technology.