How To Use

Snap Case has been designed as a multi-use AirTag accessory. We set out to create a product that attaches securely to clothing but was as easy as possible to both apply and remove. We believe we’ve achieved that balance.

With this in mind, in order for Snap Case to work optimally, while providing a user-friendly experience, there will be a brief learning period. We ask that you review this page and become familiar with how to attach and remove your Snap Case with the least amount of effort.

    Clothing and Fabrics

    Snap Case has been designed to attach to clothing but there are a wide variety of fabric thicknesses out there. Generally, Snap Case will attach readily to thinner fabrics such as:
    • t-shirts
    • jacket or pants pocket liners
    • suitcase or backpack liners
    • most undergarments (socks, underwear etc.)



    1. Insert your Apple AirTag into your Snap Case with the AirTag’s white side facing out

    2. Choose which side of the Snap Case you would like to have facing away from the person

    A. AirTag out or B. tab out (as seen)

    *Note: you may also decide to attach Snap Case to a more discreet location so as to not draw attention to the item

    3. Fold the tab around the edge of the fabric so the AirTag casing is on one side of the
    fabric and the button on the other side

    *Note: choose a reasonable fabric thickness (as noted above) on which to attach your Snap Case

    4. Slide the button into the opening on the Snap Case until it ‘snaps’ completely into the center. You’ve now cinched the fabric between the casing and the tab of your Snap Case

    *Note: dependent on the thickness of the fabric,  you may not always hear a ‘snap’. Check the opening to ensure the button has fully dropped into the center

    5. When removing your Snap Case from clothing (or other fabric items) remember, it’s not meant to be removed easily…it will take a little force to pop the button loose

    • Grab a tight hold of the tab and turn and pull the button towards the opening while lightly pulling up
    • If the button does not release, turn and pull in the other direction
    • Repeat until the button pops loose
    *Note: do not try to pull the button directly out the top of the casing. The button must be dragged back through the opening using the above described steps


    6. Once you’ve removed your Snap Case you can now remove your AirTag. Simply push
    your thumb or fingertip through the center of the opened Snap Case and pop your AirTag out

    How To Use (Video)


    The brilliance of Snap Case lies in it's multi-use design. Your Snap Case can be fit to a pet's collar by simply adapting the above steps:

    • Wrap the tab around your pet's collar
    • Insert the button into the opening
    • Push the button in until you hear a 'snap' or you feel the button has fit securely into the center of the Snap Case

     How To Use (Video)